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Amazing Parenting empowers parents to positively impact their children for the good of their families and our society.


Many of you have seen the riots and unrest in recent years on the news in London and in various places around the country and the world.  Consider the condition of the youth and their families in this country and what a dire position many of them are in.  What with drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and family break down.


As we know one of the major pillars in a country is its families and once the family structure begins to decay the social frame of society begins to fragment.

Many families in the UK are under attack with absent fathers and out of control teens.


Here is a  possible a solution for the families who are not yet known to social service but recognise they are on the brink of family chaos and desire help before its too late. This would be preventative intervention work. The parenting specialist would  work with engaging families that have been identified as families with teenagers in need of support and intervention from an outside objective source. These families will be helped to implement a better way of living with each other.


The perenting specialist has worked with teens periodically since 1995 and currently working with parents full time, where the young people and their families are very much known to the police and social services. Also supporting parents who want a better relationship with their children. The age old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’, has to prevail with these families and them to accept that.


The parenting specialist has an advanced diploma in Clinical and Pastoral counselling. It is held with the institute of counselling in Glasgow, Scotland. The method used was Person Centred and was the Gerard Egan theory. The parenting specialist successfully completed and received certificates in 2002.


Find out more about constructed many programmes / sessions to help strengthen and build families and young people. Here are just five of them. They have all proved to be successful in supporting families through difficult times.


Here are just five of them:











These are topics the provider can cover




  • The three stages of parenting (conducted in all seminars)
  • How to regain parental control
  • How to develop clear and consistent rules, boundaries and routines in the home
  • How to build confidence and be able to choose positive friendships
  • How to develop positive parenting strategies and be able to priorities children’s needs above parents
  • How to develop strategies of dealing with stress.
  • Setting age appropriate boundaries and routines
  • How to develop Emotional Response
  • Dealing with aggressive children and teens
  • Relationship building between parent and teen
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour in tots, children and teens
  • Defuse or ignite behaviour
  • Relationship building with baby
  • The impact of domestic violence on children.
  • Physical chastisement and what the law says
  • Importance of consistency
  • Increasing parent’s resilience.
  • How to administer different forms of discipline
  • What to do instead of smacking
  • Social services (Child Protection)
  • Parental break down/separation
  • Supporting and Advising parents from ethnic back grounds
  • Supporting and Advising parents coming out of domestic abuse
  • Supporting and Advising parents in the local authority system




Amazing Parenting is an Accredited provider with The CPD Accreditaion Group #777062

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