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Amazing Parenting offers several services to suit you.

One to One Parenting Consultation

This can take place in the comfort of your home via Skype, in the community or anywhere convenient for you and the parenting specialist.

Local Authorities

We understand that the LA's are becoming more and more overwhelmed with parenting cases.

we can support you with complex, diverce, sensitive and difficult families.

Cases can range from physical chastisement to How to set rules and boundaries.

Multiple fathers, culture differences, gender issues non engaging, evasive and aggressive parents.

Children's Centres

We can offer Triple P classes (Positive Parenting Programme)

Domestic Abuse classes for victims and perpetrator (separate classes)

We Support and Advise parents with:

Tantrum Tolddlers

Challenging Teens

Culture diversity

Relationship breakdown

Parenting sessions

Parenting for Dads

and so much more


Many schools have their fair share of challenging children. This can impact on learning and better outcomes for children.

We offer seminars to support parents in how to set rules and boundaries taht their children will follow. Who's children are trainsitioning from primary school to secondary school.

Increase school attendence? We can help you reach your target of 100% attendence.

Year 6 and Year 11 Programme, Parenting talk. To help prevent teenage pregnancy.


We believe fathers are a huge part of children’s lives and need to play an active role, physically, mentally and financially throughout their children’s development and for their well-being. We also offer dad only services.


 Amazing Parenting is an Accredited provider with The CPD Accreditaion Group #777062

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